wood plaques with your lat and long


The plaque shown at the top of this page is made from spalted alder. There probably isn't a delicate way of saying this, but spalted wood is rotting wood. When a log has been on the ground long enough, molds find their way into the fibers and chemically change the wood - along with their colors.

There was a time when this wood wasn't even thought good enough to burn. Not any longer! Spalted woods are now considered valuable as decorative material. And rightly so. I was astonished at the beauty revealed when I finally got around to polishing up my first board. The photo at the top of the page is the best we can do right now, but it simply does not accurately display this wood's beauty.

The picture immediately below is of spalted maple. When sanded and varnished this wood is quite beautiful.

wood plaques with your lat and long

Spaulted maple with brass lettering

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